Cotton Candy


I don’t think I need to introduce ‘La Maison Victor‘.
Although it’s the first time I blog something from it,
I’m really a big fan of the popular Belgian magazine.
One of the most beautiful patterns they published is the Candy dress.


This isn’t my first Candy.
Last summer I made one in jersey,
like the magazine recommends to do.
I never blogged about it because I wasn’t happy
with the unfinished neckline and hems.
I really saw some beautiful versions in jersey but I wanted something more…


I made a Candy dress out of this beautiful cotton fabric.
The fabric itself did inspire me.
All the different colorful lines remind me of cotton candy.
The sweet cotton candy fabric from Stoffen Van Leuven
was meant to be turned into a Candy dress.


Obviously I had to make some changes to the pattern.
Because I wanted a zipper at the back,
I used half of the back bodice and added 1 cm. 
I drew a lining and doubled the sleeves.
To add a little detail, I chose a matching purple fabric for the pockets.
At the waist, I put an elastic and stitched a cord at both ends. 



My first idea for the photo shoot was
taking pictures with a cotton candy in a candy store,
but when I saw a news item on Belgian television
about this piece of art at the seaside, I changed my plans.


This piece is named Museum of the beach or Iconostase.
It is the biggest work of A Dog Republic during the musée Promenade at Beaufort2015.


I never feel comfortable when I make some changes to a pattern
but for this time,
I didn’t had any issues and I succeeded well in what I wanted.

This dress looks really adorable!


Thanks for reading this blog,
I’m always happy with a little comment!

Pattern: Candy dress / La Maison Victor
Fabric: Stoffen Van Leuven

12 gedachtes over “Cotton Candy

  1. Super mooi geworden!! Echt prachtig! Heb toevallig net vanmiddag nog een Jersey Candy geknipt om te stikken, maar vind dit ook prachtig!!


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