Happy blogday!


Exactly one year ago 
I posted my version of the Mara-sew-along contest
by Compagnie M. 
It was the start of my blog Bobby & Minouch!


I’m still amazed I won the contest.
I couldn’t wish for a better start for my blog.


I started blogging without a great plan.
I introduced myself,
talking about personal gifts and other little stuff I would make.
I do make personal gifts,
but they just don’t make it to the blog…


Most of my blogs are about cloths I sew for the kids.
And I feel great about that!
I made this shirt last year.
The pattern comes from the magazine “Knippie” nr.3 juni-juli 2014.
The fabric is from Soft Cactus.


While my “bloganniversary” came closer,
I was thinking about what I had to do with my blog…
Well, I do not HAVE to do anything with my blog.
It’s my hobby, like sewing.
I don’t want to feel any pressure about it. 
It is what it is and it is what I am!


Did you see my new heading?
It’s a little detail from the Lotta skirt I made


Oh yeah, there is one thing I really have to do:
Thank YOU for comming over!

Pattern: Knippie nr3 juni-juli 2014
Fabric: Little daisy / Soft Cactus
Pictures taken in Gerona, Spain


8 gedachtes over “Happy blogday!

  1. Ik kom hier graag lezen! ’t Voelt aan alsof je al langer deel uitmaakt van mijn bloglijst.
    Happy blogiversary! En hopelijk kan ik hier nog veel leuke berichtjes komen lezen.


  2. Alweer een prachtig topje met leuke foto’s en proficiat met je jarige webstek. Zolang jij ervan geniet jouw creaties met ons te delen, genieten wij mee, hopelijk nog vele jaren!


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