Cisse and the curly willow branches

My girls are real princesses who like to wear skirts and dresses.
When they were little I had small arguments on a regular basis
about what they could wear.


With Theo, it’s different.
He never complains about what to wear.
When I take something out of his wardrobe,
he never complains…
and actually, he loves the style I want him to wear.
How lucky can a mammie be!
Or is it just Theo who puts his mammie around his finger…



Again, I made a “Cisse” from Zonen09.
This is, next to “Theo”, the pattern that I use the most.


I am in love with this “Cisse” because of the fabric.
I searched for a long time for a fabric like this
because I wanted to make some shorts for my husband.
Finally I found what I was looking for
except that this isn’t the weather to wear shorts!
I guess the hubbie can wait 🙂
I bought the fabric for only 2 euro!


I’ve sewn a “Cisse with a faux fly,1 pocket in the front
and some piping at the back.
I didn’t sew pockets at the back but I did make a little detail.
And I love it!
I also chose to use the special hem.
I think it’s the best part of “Cisse”.



Pattern: Cisse / Zonen09
fabric: Stoffenspektakel Aalst
Photo's: Donkmeer / Stijn De Groeve


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