Sonic Highway


I’m not a teenager anymore…
But I want to be a mommy who is stylish, hip and trendy.
The indigo-sweater from Valerie Boone has it all!


I doubted for a long time if I would risk myself in a size 18 years.
After a long time, I just gave it a try
without making any changes to the pattern.


I’m quite happy with the result.
The sweater doesn’t look too small and it’s not oversized either.
Quite perfect, don’t you think?


I used a pink jersey with a little sparkle, bought at a fabric fair,
and combined it with a grey jersey.
I added a personal touch with a button in the same grey jersey.


Thumbs up for Valerie! What a great, inventive pattern!
At first sight, it looks like Japanees origami
but when you put the puzzle together,
you get a great sweater you’ll fall in love with!


Little by little, I’m getting more comfortable about sewing for myself…
Yeey for the selfish sewing!

Pattern: Indigo sweater / Remi & Cosette or La maison victor
Pictures: Stijn De Groeve


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