Charlie & the chemistry of autumn colors


This really sounds like a story of Roald Dahl, don’t you think?
Nevertheless, I tell you a little story about this Charlie…


Charlie doesn’t need an introduction.
The beautiful pattern by Zonen09 is a “classic”
that every boy should have in his wardrobe,
sewn by his own mammie! 🙂


So from time to time,
I take the pattern and dream about lovely Charlie-shirts for my boy.
I walk to my little fabric stash, looking for a suitable piece of knits.
Hmm, no knits in the run…
Hmm, what now…!?!?

Most of the time I put away the pattern,
decided to order some nice jersey on the web.


But not this time!
Why not trying to combine cotton and jersey?
So, I did.


I only had to change one thing:
I made the V-neck a bit more widely.
The front and the arms are cotton, only the back part is jersey.
The cotton is one of the last fabrics
I won last year with the Mara-sew-along by Compagnie M.


First, I wasn’t convinced about this combination.
When Theo wore it I thougt it was too girly.
But when I gave it to Noor, I wasn’t convinced either.
After a while I got used to the shirt
and now it’s obvious that this Charlie belongs to Theo,
a real “Zonen09 kid”.


And the reason why I don’t have much knits in my stash?
I think it’s hard to find a good jersey with a lovely print that isn’t too childish but still can be worn by a boy that wraps his mam around his finger in no time!

End of story!


Pattern: Charlie / Zonen09
Pictures: Stijn De Groeve

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