Jessy for fall


Quiet is at least one thing you can say about “Bobby & Minouch”.
And it’s not that I didn’t sew
but for some reason,
nothing made it to the blog…

With this nice sunny fall weather we took our chance to go outside
and took some pictures of my makings from the last month.


Let’s start with some selfish sewing:
The Jessy dress from the belgian magazine “La Maison Victor”. 
From the first time I saw the dress,
I found it a really nice dress, just my style!
There was only one problem:
I wasn’t convinced that the model would be great for my body…
When I saw this great version by Eva, I decided to give it a try.


I started measuring myself and drawing the pattern in size 40
when suddenly I remembered reading something about the size…
So I restarted drawing size 34.
And I am really happy I did!


The fabric comes from the shop “Veritas“,
a thick cotton with lovely pink and taupe colors.
I also bought a belt, together with the fabric.
That’s one of the reasons why I am a fan of the shop,
you can style your outfit before it’s even sewn 🙂


The little bows for keeping the belt on the right place
are made of a thin cord that I braided.
A nice detail, don’t you think?


I’m in love with this dress and I feel very comfy when I wear it
(something that doesn’t always happen when I make something for myself…).

I adore the length and the folds in the front are very stylish.
A great pattern!


Good to be back!

Pattern: Jessy dress / La maison victor
Fabric: Veritas
Pictures: Stijn De Groeve


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