Girl by the mill


You probably know that Sharon from “Zonen09
gave a big party launching her fabricline.
I was one of the happy few that got an invitation for this unforgetable event.
I doubted a bit if I would go but I also knew I couldn’t let go this chance.


So, with a very little heart I went towards Ghent for the event.
I was really impressed about all these big ladies that I knew from there blogs!
It was like I was a little girl in a big shop full of sweets.


At the event I bought this beautiful piece of jersey.
I was convinced that I would make a Charlie with it
but I found the fabric too beautiful to cut.


Finally I chose to make a Leonora sweater from “La Maison Victor”.
I am a big fan of the pattern because it is beautiful in its simplicity.
A basic pattern that gives a nice result in no time!
My first idea was to combine the “Off Beetle” with orange.
I changed my plan and used a dark grey jersey.
I am really happy with the combination.
Not too hard and not too bright…


We took pictures on two locations nearby.
For the first fotoshoot we had to cross a field with weed.
I wasn’t really paying attention and I got some smelly dirt in my shoes.
The whole car was smelling.
I really had to put my shoes in the washing machine.
And only one picture did make it to the blog!


The other fotoshoot was by the mill.
A dreamy place…
And the sweetest picture ever!


Pattern: Leonora sweater / La Maison Victor sep-okt 2015
Fabric: Off Beetle / Zonen09
Pictures: Fauconniersmolen Oordegem / a smelly field in Lede


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