one sequel


Not so long ago I wrote about a candydress I made out of cotton.
I was so happy and proud with the result I felt like making another one for Emma.


But that wasn’t such a good idea…
Almost everything that could go wrong, went wrong
I’m not going to tell you the whole story
but the worst thing that happend was a cut at the back of the dress,
made by my dear friend “my overlock”…
And I was so convinced that that would never happen to me…
I solved it with a little bit of interfacing so it’s harder to see


Enough misery, it’s time to tell about the good part of the story…


From time to time My hubbie plans a day without the kids.
We visit a city, we have a lunch, we shop together
and we enjoy eachother presence.
These days are like very cosy and I adore our little moment of our own.
Last year we went to Antwerp, one of our favorite cities in Belgium.
We made a little stop at Julija’s shop, where my hubbie spotted this nice fabric.
Yes, I can’t tell my hubbie hasn’t got a good taste, don’t you think…
Such a good taste that the fabric stayed in my stash for a whole year
because I didn’t dare to use it.


The pictures were taken in Spain, during our summer holidays.
We stayed at Pineda de Mar, a place between Llorret de Mar and Barcelona. While we were driving from one village to another, we saw the beautiful drawings on the walls.


We made a photoshoot while it was 35°C.
Emma felt very hot and wasn’t that happy with it. 


What a sewingmom and her daughter can suffer…


Fabric: Julija's Shop / Antwerp
Pattern: Candydress / La Maison Victor / spring 2014
Photo's: Pineda de Mar / Spain by Stijn De Groeve


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