The last of 3

Here and here you saw what Emma and Theo wore on Emma’s communion.
Today, I will show you what I made for Noor…


 Actually, She wore the same as Theo
I used the same fabric and the same pattern.
Subtle twinning, I guess 🙂


I extended “a Theo” and drawed an A-line skirt underneath.
I added kam snaps to close the dress
but gave it a little twist by putting them together by 3,
in 3 different shades of green…


I used the same color piping as I used for Theo’s shirt.
Piping gives a garment a finished look.
I adore it!



Angles and Theo’s, They match like…
Noor and Theo


You want to know what I wore?
Well I bought something!

Pattern: based on Theo / Zonen09
Fabric: Stoffenspektakel Aalst

6 gedachtes over “The last of 3

  1. Ik zou echt niet gezegd hebben dat broer en zus hun theo uit dezelfde stof gemaakt is … wat een ander kleurtje toch doet he ! En die knoopjes ! Zo strategisch mooi per drie geplaatst ! Super gedaan !


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