<First communion

This year we had to organise a BIG party! A party at our home.
For me, it comes with a lot of sleepless nights because I want it to be perfect:
Sleepless nights thinking about
decoration, food, animation and of course “the clothing”.


First I wasn’t really thinking about making a dress for Emma.
My husband convinced me by saying
“How cool would it be when you make her dress, I would love it”


So, somewhere in december, my husband and I went shopping at
Stoffen van Leuven.
It didn’t take us a long time to choose.
This fabric was made for Emma!


The pattern, another story…
I tried to draw a pattern myself but I wasn’t satisfied with the result.
I ended up with a quite simple model, no classic communion dress.
And afterwards, I don’t think Emma would fit in a dress like that…


For me, the day was really perfect
and I’m not talking about the food, the decoration or the clothing…

When I saw Emma in the curch, I was so proud of her and it touched my hart!


U wanna know what Noor and Theo wore?
Stay tuned!

Fabric: Stoffen van Leuven
Pattern: Something I tried to draw myself


15 gedachtes over “<First communion

  1. Oooh zo mooi!! Ik hou ook niet zo van de echte ‘communiekleedjes’. Kleedje moet bij het meisje passen, en dat is bij jou precies perfect gelukt!


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