Theo vs Tuur

Last week I had a lunch date with an old schoolfriend.
We kept in touch by facebook
and we saw each other shortly during our weddings and babyshowers 
but we never had a real long conversation to catch up.


I didn’t want to arrive on our date with empty hands
and decided to make a shirt for babyboy Tuur. 
She told me size 1y would fit perfect for summer.


I took a look through all my patterns but I didn’t find one for a size 1y.
I didn’t sew when my kids were that age 😦 


I started searching on the internet
but I couldn’t find a pattern that satisfied my needs.


 I took a chance on it and decided to sew a Theo, 
a really reliable pattern, in a size 2y small. 


I made a basic version of my favourite pattern.
I didn’t sew a split at the back 

but I did use piping and kam snaps to pimp it up.


I used a “retro-styled” fabric that surely will be seen…


Such a little shirt is too cute! 


We had a really nice lunch and chatted like we saw each other every week…
This time I really hope it won’t take us that long to meet again!

Pattern: Theo / Zonen09
Fabric: Veritas

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