A new friendship ( and a give-away to celebrate!)

Two weeks ago I met Jennifer from Muikemies,
a new webshop with lovely fabrics.


We started chatting and laughing
and after a few minutes, we both knew we made a “click”.


I chose this lovely fabric from Art Gallery and made a dress for Emma.


I used a pattern from Griet her first book.
A dress with a round collar.


I chose this pattern because of the drawing of the fabric.
It’s like I get the most out of it. 


When I saw this fabric, I thought of Emma right away!
The colors are just right for her. 



For the first time I made a special hem by using biais.
How easy was that!
This little trick will be used again, that’s for sure!
For the collar, I used piping on both sides.




You want to hear the good news???
Well, to celebrate our new friendship, 
Jennifer and I will give away 2 vouchers of 10 euro.

Just tell me what’s your favorite fabric of Jennifer’s new webshop  
and I’ll tell you by friday who are the 2 winners of a 10 euro credit to Muikemies!
Good luck!

Fabric: Stamped grove daylight / Art Gallery / Muikemies
Pattern: Stof Voor Durf Het Zelvers / Emma & Mona

16 gedachtes over “A new friendship ( and a give-away to celebrate!)

  1. prachtige jurk! Ik heb zelf ook al een aantal keer op het punt gestaan dat stofje te kopen, maar kon me steeds nog net inhouden. Een ander stofje dat hoog in mijn verlanglijstje staat, is deze: Safari Moon – Animalia Splendor


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