Three weeks ago, I had the honour to test a new pattern from Compagnie M:
the Lotta Skirt.
Today, I have the honour to be part of this amazing patterntour!


Lotta, a skirt that is really my cup of tea.
I knew immediatly what fabric I wanted  to use
and what color I wanted for the contrast for the pockets.


I love the patterns of Compagnie M. Each one of them is very well explained, has a lot of clear pictures, has a great fit and show a style that I’m fond of!
The Lotta skirt is not different, even better because the pattern is available for
teenagers and women too!



At the back waistband I put a button elastic. That way, the garment can last longer.
I also lined the skirt so it gives a nice volume.






I tried to keep the drawing of the pattern continue, not something I’m used to do.
On one side, I succeed but I still need to learn.
How do you let the drawing continue? Do you have some tips for me?


Anyway, Lotta passed the test and I can’t wait to make one for myself! 

Do you also fall for this lovely pattern?
You can buy it here and get a 10% discount if you order before the end of the patterntour
with the following codes: 

GIRLS: lotta-girls-10
WOMEN: lotta-women-teens-10

Pattern: Lotta skirt / Compagnie M.
Main fabric: Melody Miller for Cotton & Steel - Mustang pink / Fabricworm

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