Sewing for myself

I don’t sew very often for myself. It brings some kind of stress with it.
I’m always nervous about the fitting and when I wear a garment I make myself
I always think people will comment: “Ah, I see you made it yourself…”
Nevertheless, I’ll keep trying and with a jersey dress,
there’s not much that can go wrong…


The pattern from burda reminds me of the nice dresses from King Louie.
I used the instructions of Mina Dotter and I didn’t experienced any problems to put the dress together.


I bought the fabric at the beginning of July in Schellebelle, a place not far from where I live. The fabric is quite thick and gives a nice stretch. I love the colors and the design of the fabric.



I combined the dress with a very old scarf and a cardigan from “Merd du Nord”. I did’nt know I had some treasures in my closet.



Jersey is not my biggest friend but for this dress, everything went “smooth”. Even my twin needle did a good job!

IMG_2501bis IMG_2498 IMG_2496

Maybe I should sew a bit more for myself…

Pattern: Burda 7828
Fabric: Stoffen Van Leuven

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