My first…

This is my first work I’m showing you
with the fabrics 
I have chosen from the Mara-contest last summer.
It’s a nice 100% organic cotton from Fabricworm.
The webshop has A LOT of beautiful fabrics and gives a very nice service! 


I already made a skirt like this for Emma.
I really like the effect of the colorful band on the bottom of the skirt. 
Last time, it was by accident but now I really added the band on purpose.  



The shoes come from a lovely, cosy shop here in Aalst.
Tina from Anna Pops is such a lovely lady.
I adore the collection she put together. Good news for my because the sizes go till 39!
She took her time to help and choose the right shoes for my ‘wild’ kids. 
I’m sorry Tina that my kids got very noisy while we were chatting…



With this skirt, I can show you my very own label for the first time.
Do you love it?


Fabric: Carolyn Gavin, Petite Fleur, Wildflowers Sky - Fabricworm
Pattern skirt: based on 'Spin skirt' by Elegance & Elephants
Shoes: Pinocchio - Anna Pops

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