A favourite…

When you follow a lot of blogs, a lot of beautiful things pass by!
I’m really not into copy other bloggers because I want to go my own way but this cute dress never got out of my head! And I think I’m not the only one :-). I confess I am a big fan of the blog Toertjes & Pateekes.  The lady can do magic with her sewing machine!
I copied the pattern but chose my own favourite fabric! 


I bought the fabric from Liesellove. I really want to thank here for the lovely service! After only two days I received my package of new fabrics!
If you hurry you can have a 10% discount on all Free spirit fabrics @ Liesellove.


The top of the dress comes from this book. The skirt is just a rectangular that’s wrinkled. 



The dress is fully lined. Although I’m still not ready for those sad, dark colors, I hope with a pair of stockings she will wear the dress in winter. 


What’s your favourite version of this dress? Did you make your own or is it on your to-do-list? Let me know!

Fabric: Stella Sky/Free spirit - Liesellove
Pattern: top - Stof voor durf het zelvers


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